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“We have worked with Lynn Ribton Turner and her staff for many years. We have found them to be a reputable and professional Service Provider. They have given us excellent service without compromising on their ethics. We would recommend them as a Service Provider.”


“I believe Ribton-Turner Recruitment provides one of the best services I deal with.” (Client)

“Lynn you are the very best!” (Candidate)

“Thanks Lynn– Your consultant is a special person and has been fantastic with me as I needed quite a unique person and VOILA, she found that person for me. She is very professional but I would expect nothing less from a person who has you as a mentor Lynn.” (Client)

“Thank you so much for your kind assistance. I greatly appreciate all the kindness and professionalism you have shown in handling this placement. I was able to trust you in a way that often takes a longer time to develop in new relationships. You are truly good at what you do and I wish you all the best in your career.” (Candidate)

“I do wish to thank you both for all the feedback, advice and courtesy which you have extended to me. I will forever be an ambassador for Ribton-Turner.” (Candidate)

“It is always a pleasure working with any member of your team.” (Client)

“Thank you for all your support and guidance in terms of securing this position for me, I will remain forever grateful.” (Candidate)

“Thank you for your encouragement, advice and the effort you made to find me something worthwhile.; that is greatly appreciated.   I approached you as you are so well thought of in the industry.” (Candidate)

“You are truly great agents.” (Candidate)

“It was my pleasure seeing Ribton-Turner once again. I appreciate your time and efforts as well.” (Client)

“Many thanks for the meeting today, it was very interesting, and I feel with you, I am in the right hands.” (Candidate)

“I want to thank you personally for the time that you have put into securing this position. I really appreciate your efforts and thank you.” (Candidate)

“I had a really professional interview with one of your staff members; it was the best interview I ever had from a recruitment agency and it was really nice to be treated in such a professional way.” (Candidate)

“You set the tone for Christmas every year” (Client)

“Just to thank you, Lynn and all the RTR staff involved in this placement!” (Candidate)

“I just wanted to thank you for interviewing me and for making me feel comfortable and confident.” (Candidate)

“Thank you for your willingness to assist.” (Client)

“Thank you so much for your assistance with my wife!  It is such a great opportunity that has literally fallen in her lap, and I fully believe and trust that she will make the best of it! I have just heard wonderful things about you (from her) and would also like to personally thank you for all the help!  It really means a lot! ” (Candidate)

“Your assistance and guidance throughout this whole process has been fantastic, much appreciated.” (Candidate)

“We like to deal with the best.” (Client)

“Thank-you kindly for all your wise advice, your guidance and your professional time. I found your consultant to be very helpful and professional and I feel that she played a key role throughout the placement process. I will do my utmost to promote Ribton-Turner Recruitment where possible, much appreciated for all your assistance in placing me” (Candidate)

“Time flies so fast, I cant believe that it is going to be a year next week since you have placed me, thank you, I really appreciate what you have done for me.” (Candidate)

“I have heard a lot about you and the feedback has been extremely positive. I am not looking at putting my CV out to other agencies and have been referred to you by someone who appreciates your discretion.” (Candidate)